Online reviews have real SEO value

Customer reviews and the Google 3 Pack (maps pack) Joplin MO

There are numerous factors a local business needs to nurture their online reviews. A company’s online reputation is extremely important when it is out there for each internet searcher to review. Several customer studies verify that the majority of consumers do check out online reviews and a large number are affected by the reviews that they see. This alone is reason enough for a business to thoroughly monitor their online reviews throughout various review sites.

Still another reason for a company to be concerned with online reviews is that they have an impact on the SEO score of their Google My Business (GMB) or even site. Google is extremely interested in engagement between a company and the customer. Businesses that get more reviews and put in the time to respond to the reviews that they receive are ranked higher in Google’s algorithm. Wait you may say, I have seen a number of circumstances where a business is featured in the Local 3 Pack and has no reviews at all. Yes, that is sometimes true. Reviews are only one of many elements that Google is taking a look at. You can be sure that in a competitive niche in a larger service area reviews can make a real difference.

It is critical, apart from Google, for a local company to constantly cultivate more and better reviews from their customers, and to respond out of professional courtesy to every review that they receive. Specifically respond to negative reviews. The reply needs to always be professional and as positive as possible. Be factual in the action if there are scenarios not brought out in the negative review. Don’t be argumentative. Remember other possible clients will be reading the review and your response. Seek to restore a relationship if possible.

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The Basic Principles of Effective Website Style 

One of the more crucial considerations for a brand is their online presence. A critical element of this is great website design. Great website design can raise you above or crater you below your competition. Style matters, due to the fact that it is a reflection of your brand and how you operate. Eventually it factors into how your clients or possible clients view you verses all your rivals. 
This is particularly important when it pertains to website design. Websites are typically the first point of contact for a business online. With over 97% of customers searching online for area local goods and services, a companies online impression is vital. Make a bad impression, and you could lose a prospective customer. Make a good one, you can acquire a new customer. Make a terrific impression, and you can will catch and keep a consumer for life. 
It starts with site style, how compelling your content and visual material, and the experience you supply your users. So, let’s cover what you need to understand about great site style! 

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The Basic Principles of Effective Website Design

website design restaurant joplin mo

One of the more important considerations for a brand is their online presence. A critical element of this is good web design. Good web design can elevate you above or drop you below your competition. Design matters, because it is a reflection of your brand and how you do business. Ultimately it helps determine how your clients and potential customers perceive you verses all your competitors.
This is especially important when it comes to web design. Websites are effectively the new storefront and often the first point of contact for a business online. With over 97% of consumers searching online for local goods and services a businesses online impression is critical. Make a poor impression, and you could lose a potential customer. Make a good one, you can gain a new customer. Make a great impression, and you can will capture and keep a customer for life.
It begins with website design, how you present your written text and visual content, and the experience you provide your users. So, let’s cover what you should know about good website design!

Have a defined purpose

Does your website have a clear purpose? Is that purpose immediately apparent to the visitor when they land on your sites home page? Or are they confused about what the point of the page is, or what type business the site is about?
Does your website quickly make it clear to the visitor the value that they can get from your products or services? Most online searchers have an extremely short attention span, especially if they are searching on a mobile devise. Are the benefits of what you have to offer immediately clear? Or is your page merely a list of products or services, and a jumble of features and specifications. If your website visitors don’t quickly see that your site is what they are looking for and the benefit you can offer them they will quickly bounce away.
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Make it easy to scan your pages

When visitors come to your site they are most likely going to scan the page rather than read everything on it. For example, when visitors are looking for specific content or to complete a certain task, they will quickly scan a website’s pages until they discover what they are looking for. As the website owner it is your responsibility to help them with that by insuring good visual hierarchy. Visual hierarchy is the arrangement or presentation of elements in order of importance ━ where their eyes should focus first, second, etc.
Practical tips:
  • Avoid large blocks of text. Organize your content into groups to make it easier to digest visually. Breaking up blocks of text by headers or bullet points.
  • Put more weight on important elements. Make important elements such as call-to-action buttons or contact forms focal points so guests see them immediately. You can emphasize elements by using different font sizes or colors.
  • Consider our natural scanning patterns. People in the Western world read left to right, top to bottom. A website should go with this pattern to avoid confusion for your visitors. Well-designed websites lay out their content in a “F” reading shape or “Z” visual pattern.

Take content seriously

Textual content is just as important as the design of your website. More than 80% of the content on the internet is still written language. Even if your site were award winning design, it’s merely an empty shell without great content; a good website has both good design and great content. The design of the site should aid and complement the content.
Insure that the content is relevant. Visitors come to your site to find information or solve problems that they have. You need to speak to their needs, wants, and issues. Do not focus on you or your business. Focus on them. Speak to their needs and questions.
Avoid jargon. The information on your website should be as plain and simple as possible for comprehension. Best practice is to write for all levels of readers by choosing words that are simple, clear and that avoid industry or insider jargon that may not be understood by everyone.
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  A Good Call-to-Action

Identify the ONE THING you want someone to do on each page of your site. If you have properly identified the prospects needs, desires, pain point, and you have offered the best solution for them, you need to give the user a way to get the benefits you’re offering. This is called a call-to-action.
For example, if you want visitors to get in touch with you, you could provide a link that says:

Contact us now, click here!

If you want them to download a free eBook or file, you could say:

Don’t miss out, download our special eBook on the best sites to visit in Rome, It’s free!

If you want them to subscribe to a newsletter by filling out a short form, you could say:

Yes! I want to get proven ways to make money from home by subscribing to your free newsletter!

These are just a few examples. The point is to compel them to take action now. If they put it off, it will not happen!

Minimize the number of choices

The number of choices consumersare presented with willaffect their decisions; the more choices they have, the less action they are likely to take. When you present your prospectwith too many options, you make them think too much. To increase chances for action, it is importantto minimize the number of choices.

Engage users to scroll

Scrolling drawsusers deeper into yourpagesand makes them invest more time in the experience. This increases the chance that the user will convert ━ take action. buy something, sign up for a newsletter, or contact you. Content at the top of the page is very important. It creates the important first impression and expectation of quality and positive results forvisitors. People willscroll, but only if what’s above the fold is promising enough.
Practical tip: Content and images at the top of the page will set initial expectations. If a page provides users with high-quality visuals and content, they are willing to browse for more content.

Simple and Obvious Website Navigation

The best way to ensure your visitors get around your website easily is to place a navigation menu with links to the main sections of your site at the top of each page. If you site is for a local business you will want to also have a contact phone number prominent at the top of each page. You’ll want to make it obvious to your prospect that all links are clickable. Be sure that these clickable links are visually different from the regular text content on the rest of the site.
  • Keep top-level navigation for main navigation options. Limit your top-level navigation links to a maximum of seven choices, most users cannot interact effectively with more choices than that. If you need more, create sub-navigation with clear categorization. Notice that even Amazon can get you to almost any product you need within about three clicks.
  • Use clear labels for navigation options. Use familiar words for menu options to help users understand them better.
  • Reduce the clicks required for users to get to a destination. Design your navigation in a way that gets visitors where they want to go with the least number of clicks possible. When designing a website, remember the three click rule we outlined above, which says that your viewers should never be more than three clicks away from what they are looking for.
  • Include navigation options in the footer of your site. A footer is a place where visitors expect to find navigation options and contact information.

An About Us Page

The “About Us” Page is often overlooked. It is however an opportunity to really set yourself apart from the competition. This is a good place to get creative and tell your story in a very compelling way. A good About Us page is personal and informative. It will contain striking visuals and great inside information. Check out this link for some creative examples of About Us pages:


Undoubtedly,the best ways to market your business, products, and services is to let your satisfied customers do it for you. Make it a practice to ask your clients – customers for testimonials or feedback, and prominently feature positive experiences and quotes each page of your website. A best practice is to collect “keyword” rich testimonials specific to particular products or services that you offer and then feature these testimonials on the appropriate page of your website. Make sure to include a compelling call to action on the page. Don’t leave your visitor wondering what to do next. Along with testimonials for your website, don’t forget to collect online reviews.  Reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook can not only build your online trust but they are extremely important in building trust when searchers find you online.

A Contact Page

This should be redundant to be sure. Every page of your site should have a contact section. Never the less, be sure to give your users a way to get in touch with you! Ideally, you’ll have a contact form that a prospect can quickly fill-in and send for feedback purposes. You can also provide links to social media accounts as well. However, do not make these links prominent on the page. You do not want potential customers clicking away from the page without filling out the contact form or clicking on your call to action.

A Blog

A blog is a great way to market your business and keep your clients up-to-date on special offers, events, personnel changes, community events, etc. You can use it to create content relevant to your industry that’s useful to your clients. This is productive for them and builds authority for your site in the search engines. Use your blog to start discussions, and you can use it to get valuable feedback as well. This will provide ideas for future content and builds a sense of community between you and your clients. Done correctly, posting regular, well-written, and useful blog content can do wonders for engaging the people who matter most to you (and therefore, your business).

Final Critical Elements

  • Fast Loading— No one wants to wait for your site to load. In the age where most users are on mobile devises this is ever more important. Insure your site has prompt loading times for all users on all devices. You can use Pingdom or Pagespeed Insights by Google to check your website speed and get insights on how you can improve.
  • Mobile Ready— Virtually everyone uses smart devices today. Create an engaging, mobile-friendly website that your audience can access quickly and displays correctly.
  • Tracking Enabled— Analytics matter – it’s critical to determine that your website is actually effective and bringing in traffic. Your website should include functionality to gauge key indicators such as traffic, goals, and conversions.
  • SEO Savvy— Don’t underestimate the power of optimizing your website for both browsers and humans. Provide compelling, readable content for your site visitors. For the search engines, make sure your content is keyword rich. Be sure to include all necessary on-page SEO tags and elements, including schema and XML sitemaps.
  • Conversion OptimizedSynergy between visual and content elements. Address the wants, needs, questions and skepticism of your prospects then offer compelling reasons to act now to enjoy the benefits of your solution. Implement these design elements and move prospects through your site and direct them to schedule an appointment, request a product demonstration, or even make a purchase.
  • Email MarketingAbsolutely. Email marketing can be an effective and cost effective way to sell products or services, remind customers that they are due for a visit or highlight special offers. A website’s email capture forms should sync with the your business’ email marketing system for seamless access and function.
  • Social MediaDon’t miss an opportunity to leverage the power of social media. Be sure to integrate relevant social media platforms within your site. Allowing customers to access social media pages from your website instantly broadens a brand’s reach and will help increase visibility and traffic.
  • Strong SecurityBoth site security from hackers and spamming and security for information collected from site visitors. Website security cannot be an after-thought.



Web Design Joplin Mo Some Basic Elements for your Site

Good Web Design begins with a plan.

Before a web designer is called in it is a good idea to do some pre-planning. This planning should include the following elements

1. Identify your goals for your site

Make a list of the goals that you want to accomplish with your website. It is important to be clear on what you seek to accomplish with each page of the website. What your messaging should be for each page. Think about what search terms a potential customer would use to find the goods or services that each page highlights. You will want to make sure those “keywords” or keyword phrases are prominent in the text of each page.

Consider your prospect. What do they need or want? What are their “hot buttons” and how can you uniquely take care of them. Why should they choose you? Do they need to be informed or educated on your product or services and how can you establish yourself as the expert that they can trust? People price check goods or services that they consider a commodity. They don’t price check an “expert or a specialists”.

2. Proof – An Offer You Can’t Refuse

If you have done a good job covering the wants, needs, fears, desires of your prospect and how you can satisfy their needs you then offer proof. An iron clad guarantee or quality testimonials or before/after photo’s. Something or a number of things that make it clear that you are the best choice and they will be absolutely satisfied if they do business with you.

3. Clear call to action on each page

Most websites convert very poorly. One of the major reasons for this is owners/designers do not have a clear goal in mind for every page of the website and they don’t have a single, clear, call to action to compel visitors to take an action, whether that action is to fill out a form, make a call, click on a buy now button, regardless of the action the page is constructed around the goal of compelling the prospect to take that one small action.

4. Simple site navigation

Even a website as complex as Amazon can get you to anything you are looking for in 3-4 clicks. You need to have clear and concise navigation that makes it simple for your visitors to quickly find what they are looking for. Of course a good menu structure helps this, but major products or services should be linked to directly from the Home page.

Good site structure is not only important to your site visitors but it helps search engines in identifying what your site is about and properly indexing your site and your internal pages.

5. Mobile friendly

Every year mobile searches increase and searches from desktop computers are decreasing. You are certainly aware that most people are searching from their mobile phones these days. Insure that your site loads fast and loads correctly on all devises.

6. Finally Image

Unfortunately this is the element that the majority of web designers strive for most and the thing that the majority of owners think they want or need the most. Yes, design and image do matter. But not as much as conversions and traffic to your business. Think about design but only AFTER all of the other elements for a good high converting website are in place.

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Simple and Inexpensive Digital Marketing Options

Probably the starting place for most businesses is to have a website for internet exposure. When planning for a website it is important to consider the specific products or services that a business wants to be known for. Each specific (product type) or service should be featured on a separate page of the website. Keyword research should be done for each product/service to identify the primary words and phrases that consumers use to find that service/product online. The content and images on that service page should be optimized around those words and phrases.
A website is not an online sales brochure. A business wants to inform visitors and build confidence and rapport through the messaging on the site. A website service/product page should answer questions, anticipate objections and address them, and build confidence in the prospect. This confidence building can be through client testimonials, product warranties, free trials, etc. An informed consumer is much more likely to reach out to a business and seek more information or to do business.
A business website should have a clear call to action on every page. Ask your visitor to make a commitment. This may be to fill out a form, make a call, or leave their contact information so the business can reach out to them. However it is done, an astute business does not want visitors to their site leaving the site and disappearing never to be found again.

Video Marketing-A Critical Tool in your Digital Marketing Toolbox;

Many businesses have not even started to take advantage of the power of video marketing. YouTube is the #2 online search engine by volume, in the world. Individuals respond to visual stimulus far more than the printed word. Video is ending up being increasingly more popular on all of the social media platforms. In other words video is the best untapped resource for local companies to engage with their choice potential customers.
Video is perfect for brief clips that fit in well the general flow of social media sites. A business owner can highlight a special service, show off their company local area, or offer an “explainer” video to assist customers comprehend the advantages of their product.
Videos that connect with an audience will be “liked” and “shared” across the web. That sort of totally free direct exposure is the fantasy of every company owner. Video’s do not always have to be large, professional productions. Numerous video clips shot with a mobile phone have gone viral on the web. The real secret is producing content that touches your target audience
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First element of your Digital Marketing, Your Website

For many business the logical beginning place to a digital marketing plan is to develop a website. It is very crucial to insure that your site is mobile friendly, loads fast and that all the elements of the site load properly on all types of mobile devices.
It is an easy matter to find business that will build a website. However, many site builders are not capable of writing the content. They don’t understand your business, your Unique Selling Proposal, and honestly are not capable of producing good copy. You need your site to compel potential customers to examine your business even more. You need content that engages them, answers their questions and concerns and builds rapport. If you are not secure in your own writing abilities your site is one place that a financial investment in a really competent copy writer is an excellent investment.
Website Content:
When you are crafting or having someone create content for your website pages, ensure that the best of the keywords and keyword phrases are included in your content. This is how Google and the other search engines determine what your page is all about and when you should appear in a customer search.
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Digital Marketing-Best Practices-Website Content

When you are writing or paying to have your website pages written ensure that the select best of the keywords and keyword phrases are added in your content. This is how Google and the other online search engines determine what your page is all about and when you ought to appear in a customer search. 

You probably have a feel for some of the very best keywords that a potential customer might put into a search query to find your business. Type those into google search engine and scroll to the bottom of the page. Google will give you related search ideas. Record the best of these and include them on your page of content. 

You can also go to your top competitors page that relates to the same service and put their page url into this handy tool It will give you the top keywords and keyword phrases on that page. This will also provide good ideas of keywords that are working. 

Or best idea. Call Gideon Marketing and let us help you optimize your website and get your digital marketing plan on track. 

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Digital Marketing Joplin Mo

 Marketing is a Relationship:

Marketing can be compared to dating. It takes some time and numerous interactions to 
develop the know, like and trust. A business relationship is a relationship after all. Your 
marketing projects must concentrate on the process|. This is sometimes described as 
an inverted funnel. At the top of the funnel are the “raw” prospects that might come across
you via your advertising. As you engage more with them, inform them and assist them with 
your quality content they start to trust you. Those that are interested in your company or 
your special offer move farther down the funnel, while some prospects will drop out. Your 
campaign should concentrate on building the relationship with those moving through your 
funnel, and how to interact and continue to reach out to those that have not given a 
response and moved further down the funnel. Those that “drop out” might not be
gone forever. After all, what number of dudes hit it off perfectly with their spouse right from 
the beginning. It is expected that the relationship will take some time and work. 

Gideon Marketing can help you develop an effective marketing plan. 
Call us and let’s get started getting your phone ringing. 

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Why A Google My Business Listing Is So Important

If you want to improve your chances of ranking in Google Maps, (3-Pack), there are four areas you need to get right. This will improve your website and your GMB listing.
First lets cover the WHY of being found in the top three of the Maps listing. When consumers are searching online there are normally just a few key words or phrases that they will use to find the business or service that they are searching for. Each of the most common keywords or keyword phrases will have their own search engine results page. The maps listing appears in the top section of the page just under any paid ads that may be listed. This is prime real estate for a local business. Especially considering that more people are on mobile phones and scrolling these days. Being found at the top of the page and having your Google reviews prominently listed for the potential customer to see is a local businesses best shot at being noticed in the crowd of competitors. Also, if the consumer is on a mobile phone they can press the phone icon next to your listing and immediately call your business.
Those businesses listed at the top of the search in the Maps have more credibility to most consumers and get the lion’s share of the clicks on page one.
So now you know that as a local business you absolutely want to be in the Maps listing. How do you get there?
1. First is to realize that Google is very keen on proximity. A searcher across the street from your business is much more likely to find you in the 3 pack than a searcher using the exact same search phrase on the other side of town. There are a few ways to overcome this but most are beyond the scope of this article and more effort than most businesses will want to attempt. The point would be that you want to be the best and the strongest listing in your immediate service area to insure that you do in fact make the Maps listing in a several mile radius of your business.
2. It goes without saying that your Google My Business must filled out completely and accurately. This includes details such as business hours and holidays. This is for Google but more than that it is for potential customers looking for information on your business. When completing your GMB listing there are a couple of tricks of the trade to include.
  • You will want to have lots of images on your GMB page. That means much more than you have now! Before you upload the images right click on the image, go to the bottom of the pop up and select “Properties”. In the next pop up click on “Details” on the tabs at the top. Fill in the “Title” with your keywords and keyword phrases even loosely related to what the photo is about. In the “Subject” fill in more keywords and terms closely associated with your business services. “Rating” give yourself 5 stars. “Tags”, “Comments” are more places to include information about your business and services. The “Authors” area is a great place to include your business NAP, name, (address and phone). The search engine bots will read all this information and associate it with your business and services.
  • While working on your photo’s you will want to geo-tag each one. That is to put your latitude and longitude in each photo. For a local business this verifies your location to the search engines. Travel over to Geolmgr here. Enter your business address in the upper section the software will grab the Lat/Long for your location. Next drag the images into the image box on the right side. Click on the blue “Write EXIF Tags” button then download the images back in a separate file that you label as completed images. From this file you can upload to your GMB listing. Each image will have information that ties your keywords and your business location to your GMB.
3. When you first filled out your GMB listing you selected a primary business category. Now is the time to edit that section in your listing and add as many secondary categories as apply. A great tool to help you with this task is Travel to the bottom of the page and click the check box “Show results in a table”, then the blue “Fetch”. On the results page scroll down and find a huge list of categories. This is hard to grind through but it is worth the time. When you find a category that relates to your business click on “Related Categories” on the right hand side. This will give you more ideas of possible categories. You will want to include as many categories as possible in your GMB listing. It is important however that each category that you select is a service that your truly provide. Each category that you select should have a well constructed web page or landing page that informs and assists visitors to your website, and tells Google that you really have meaningful content and are in that business. This exercise gets your business listed in as many Maps Packs as possible for your services.
4. Lastly, if you are a single location business, the footer of each page of your website should have a google maps embed of your business location and/or service area. The footer should also have your business NAP, (name, address, phone). There are other items you may choose to put in the footer such as social icons, business hours, etc. but for the best chance of scoring points with Google the map embed and NAP are helpful.
5. Bonus item I’ll add is schema for your website. Schema is a structured data mark up that ensures the search engines have accurately understood the information on your site. All the details are beyond the scope of this article, but most businesses have an individual or a company that can help them with their website. As a business owner you simply need to insure that proper Schema is included on your website.
For questions or for assistance in getting your business into the Local Maps Pack for your primary search terms, or for any digital marketing requirements contact Gideon Marketing.
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